We believe it's time for you to get more from your advertising dollars. HOPKINS+SACHS was born from a frustration with the same-old, same-old, boilerplate political "advertising" that is such a poor use of campaign funds and doesn’t move voters.

We knew that together, we could do it better. So we've worked hard to develop a new model for political advertising— where real political strategy meets real advertising.

A model where the creative doesn't just look pretty— it makes your advertising work harder. Where we apply proven advertising methods that are too often overlooked in political campaigns. And where we strive for each and every ad to knock it out of the park.

Our Creative Director, Jim Hopkins, draws from an extensive background in advertising and marketing to help make your advertising rise above the tired sameness that marks most political ads. We base our work upon sound advertising principles that have grown from decades of research into consumer — and voter — behavior. That's why each of our campaigns is built on a unique and compelling brand that instantly communicates the singular reason why you’re the best choice. So unlike a lot of firms, we don’t have a “house brand” that we trot out year after year — we cook your campaign to order.

Our research background also gives us an edge over most of our competitors. With a background in qualitative and quantitative methods and 14 years experience in self and opposition research, Hiram Sachs makes sure that we’re always testing our own assumptions. By applying the most recent research findings, we make sure that your advertising is working as hard as you are.

But the most important edge we have over the competition is that we’re not out to build the biggest political advertising firm in the country.

We’d rather be the best. 

That's why when it comes to client service, we've earned a reputation around the country as the guys who'll spend as much time on your campaign as you do.

So if you want to get more from the money you're spending on your campaign advertising, give us a call.