digital video

How important is your creative to the success of your digital campaign?

When you consider that everyone is a media creator these days — live streaming from the steps of the Capitol and dazzling their friends with footage from a recent vacation — you’re trying to get your message across in the most crowded and competitive media environment ever.

That’s why the old-school ways of throwing together political ads just don’t cut it anymore.

Each of our digital videos uses the best behind-the-camera talent in the business. Our studio ads are created with leading-edge technology and animation.

And most of all, we use the biggest secret weapon of them all: Real people talking like real people. The authenticity and immediacy of unscripted ads delivers your message in a way that voters will care about and connect with.

AFSCME: “If we come together, we win”

Helping AFSCME support Minnesota Democrats Tim Walz and Peggy Flanagan for Governor and Lt. Governor, this video utilizes extensive research to highlight voter concerns over how race and class are too often used to divide us. Speaking from the heart, voters in this video talk about how the divisions sown in America keep all of us from coming together and building bright futures. This video kicked off a multi-phase program and delivered impressive click-through rates. 


There are some cases where there is simply no substitute for the power of video. After a Washington House of Representatives investigation concluded that incumbent David Sawyer had broken ethics and harassment policy behavior with actions including sending sexually inappropriate text messages to staff and romantically pursuing a staffer, we worked with an independent expenditure to defeat him. Highlighting the women’s powerful stories, our digital videos, display, and social media ads helped beat Sawyer in the Democratic Primary and elect an outstanding woman leader to represent the district.

State senator chuck riley — “One trump is enough”

Working with Oregon’s State Senator Chuck Riley, we needed to show that our opponent’s voting record was very much in step with Donald Trump and very much out-of-touch with local priorities. Incorporating creative and engaging animation strategies, we made a persuasive and factual case against the opponent — helping Chuck to a convincing victory. 


This digital video is a good illustration of a principle that we believe always leads to great advertising: Giving people the opportunity to tell their story in their own words. In this unscripted spot, we hear a local resident share her feelings about her hometown, her support for the candidacy of Melvin Carter, and how the two go together. The authenticity and voice of this spot helped make it a very effective way to get out the message for Saint Paul's new Mayor. 


Washington State Representative Mark Hargrove was a good example of one of our favorite kinds of opponents: An extreme Republican representing a moderate district that is largely unfamiliar with the reality of his voting record. This spot worked to educate voters about the incumbent’s real record and help defeat Hargrove by a 7-point margin.


In this spot for an IE supporting Teresa Mosqueda's run for the Seattle City Council, we made sure that voters realized she was the only candidate with a proven record of accomplishments on core progressive values. Using trusted Democratic leaders — along with iconic city imagery which showed these values in everyday settings — we helped deliver a convincing victory for this accomplished champion of working men and women. 

washington conservation voters — "for sale"

In 2017, Big Oil tried to win support for the nation's largest oil terminal the old-fashioned way: By buying a vote. With an unprecedented influx of nearly $400,000 in spending, a big Texas oil company's last-minute efforts presented a real challenge to the conservation community and local residents concerned about the risk the terminal posed to public safety. Working with Washington Conservation Voters, we created this spot to highlight the oil company's blatant power grab and remind voters why the terminal was such a bad idea in the first place. The good guys won this one, in one of our most gratifying victories of the cycle.


In this ad targeted at an online audience, we featured the voices of union members talking about why they support Mayoral candidates in St. Paul and Minneapolis. These "member on the street" videos were created from extensive, unscripted raw footage where members talked about how Jacob Frey (Minneapolis) and Melvin Carter (St. Paul) share their values. This approach provided a compelling look at the election from the viewpoints of local voters.


Because the records of Hilary Franz and her general election opponent were so starkly different on issues including support for public lands and ties to special interests, we had a solid starting point in terms of message for this spot. We also needed a creative approach that would break through in a crowded General Election environment, so we used a very unique — and memorable — origami execution. This approach helped us to successfully highlight a couple of key differences between the candidates — contributing to a Franz victory and leading to the first discussion we've ever had in our shop about the proper way to create origami rifles.


Working with an IE to support Hilary Franz's primary campaign for Commissioner of Public Lands, we needed to show voters that Hilary had the background necessary to make a difference in the job. Another key goal was to let voters know that Hilary shared their values when it comes to protecting Washington's exceptional quality of life. We chose bold images to tell a compelling story about what was at stake in this race.


In telling Brad’s story, we’ve come back time after time to the core priorities and values that Brad has emphasized throughout his career. It’s a story of a committed progressive whose belief in values like equality and opportunity have made him one of Oregon’s most accomplished leaders over the past decade. In this spot, we illustrate how Brad is the progressive champion we need while credentialing our message with trusted endorsers.


One of the most compelling stories in this race was the influence of big corporate contributions from Walmart and Big Tobacco. Our client Brad Avakian hadn't taken money from these groups; his supporters were progressives and working people throughout the state and this spot helped illustrate a crucial difference between the candidates in a very memorable way. 


As more and more American families struggle with the growing income gap between the wealthy and the middle class, issues like those in this ad will play a prominent role in campaigns around the country. By putting the facts and figures behind the income gap in everyday terms and using personal stories to show how public policy impacts people's lives, this spot shows that only one candidate is concerned with helping local families build brighter futures. 


In order to help pass the crucial 2014 bond replacement measure for Portland Oregon's parks, we relied on an organic concept: Parks supporters had attended a City Council meeting and expressed their feelings using the tune from Woody Guthrie's classic "This Land is Your Land." We built on that idea by featuring real parks users from across the community to show both the urgency of the need and the broad-based support that local voters feel for their treasured open spaces.



Communicating with voters in a judicial race poses a unique set of challenges. In this spot — which helped our client win a convincing victory — we show how his local upbringing has given him an appreciation for the values that residents believe should guide the legal system. Evocative imagery and local people give this spot a strong sense of place and help it connect with our audience. 



Brad Avakian – “Priorities”

Working for Oregon Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian in 2012, we enjoyed a perfect fit between the candidates’ beliefs and the political moment. Brad has spent his life fighting for the kinds of causes – freedom from discrimination, equal pay, fair wages – that suddenly jumped to the forefront of the political dialogue in 2012. Because Brad’s priorities are, at their heart, based upon a view that everyone in America deserves a shot at the American dream, we decided to tell his story in a very inspirational, iconic way. This spot is very substantive – laying out a number of specific policy proposals – while also engaging voters with imagery that captures their hearts.


Sharon Wylie – “Questions”

Sharon Wylie had recently been appointed to a State House seat and needed to defend the seat in an off year. The Republican opponent had run before and drew significant financial support from the national GOP. This ad is based upon our poll findings that both isolated the opponent’s top negatives and showed how important women voters were to our victory. Instead of the typical “grainy photos and bullet points” approach, we wanted to deliver our message in a way that was familiar to our targeted demographic so it really stuck. We came up with the yoga studio setting, which allowed us to deliver a hard-hitting ad in a way that didn’t seem overly “political.”


Mike Schaufler — "Building a Better Oregon"

Dave Hunt — "Priorities for the Future"

This spot uses a distinctive whiteboard animation technique to tell a compelling story, which follows a local resident from being unemployed to becoming a successful business owner. By combining poll-tested language, a memorable story, and precise targeting, this ad delivers a very persuasive message on the issues most important to our target demographic.

Sharon Wylie — "Making it Happen"

Will Rasmussen — "Oregon's Promise"