digital display

An increasing number of our clients are discovering how a targeted digital campaign with great creative can greatly enhance the impact you make in mail, cable, and broadcast.

There are a lot of reasons why digital makes so much sense.

First of all, there are so many advances in targeting and modeling happening right now that we're almost at the point where if you have an audience — no matter how unique — we can target it with digital advertising. 

Digital also provides an unprecedented level of tracking and accountability. We can monitor how many audience members see your ads, how many click through, and what their visits are like when they hit your web site. 

But most of all, digital works because it forms such a strong connection with your audience. These days, many of our ads are literally viewed in the palm of people's hands, on their smartphones. When paired with smart targeting and persuasive creative, the immediacy of digital advertising can deliver some amazing results. 


With amazing natural resources, great people, and a diverse cultural history that stretches back hundreds of years New Mexico is — in many ways — one of the best places to live in America. Unfortunately, many of the state's current crop of Republican leaders have failed to address some crucial shortcomings in the state. First and foremost is the misplaced emphasis on standardized testing over real teaching in the state's public schools, which is having a harmful impact on thousands of New Mexico children. Our digital campaign uses compelling HTML 5 animations to tell this story and drive our audience to a microsite loaded with facts and figures on why the state desperately needs to change direction when it comes to public education. 

[Click on the ads below; they'll open in another window to show you how the animation works]


To help Brad Avakian prevail in a hard-fought statewide Democratic primary, we focused on reinforcing the compelling progressive voices we featured in our television ads. These voices came from advocates and ordinary people who all had one thing in common: A very personal and persuasive take on how Brad Avakian's fidelity to progressive values was making life in Oregon a whole lot better. When voters clicked through to our microsite, they were able to learn more through a number of very resonant long-form videos featuring our supporters and their stories.