Jim Hopkins

With a lifelong passion for advertising and creative pursuits, Jim Hopkins has built a reputation as a leading expert on strategic branding and positioning strategies.

As one of the first firms in politics to apply fundamental advertising industry disciplines to political campaigns, Jim has helped HOPKINS+SACHS accumulate a startling win record as the firm’s creative director, developing and shepherding brand strategies, creative direction, copywriting and design for our political and enterprise clients.

Prior to joining HOPKINS+SACHS as creative principal, Jim founded CityCreative, a Chicago-based advertising and design firm. He also served as Creative Director for the Chicago Bulls of the National Basketball Association, handling all of the organization’s marketing and promotional efforts.

Since studying at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Jim has developed successful solutions for a diverse group of organizations and industries in both the public and private sectors, including professional sports, technology, healthcare, financial services, advocacy, politics, fashion, entertainment, and retail.

Given the chance, Jim could talk all day about tequila, woodworking, and motorcycles. Don’t get him started...

Hiram Sachs

What’s more important: the way “it’s always been done” or results?

That’s the question that’s driven Hiram Sachs for as long as he’s been in politics — working to find new and persuasive ways to help Democrats and progressives win while constantly challenging the status quo.

This approach leads us to do things a little bit differently than the competition. But since we win a lot, our customers are cool with that.

Hiram has an MA in Mass Communication from Northwestern University and wrote one of the earliest studies of how the Internet was affecting politics. After graduate school, Hiram learned the ropes working on a gubernatorial campaign in Chicago.

Hiram subsequently worked for a member of Congress, ran a respected opposition research firm, and earned a reputation for an unrivalled commitment to client service.

Throughout his career, Hiram Sachs has combined a background and keen interest in cutting-edge research with a love of storytelling to deliver compelling messages. If you believe that good advertising has a place in politics, you’ll like him.